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Poole Pottery Cheese Dishes

Poole Pottery came up with some great design ideas for cheese and butter dishes, including the wedge shaped ones shown above. The middle large cheese dish was designed in the 1930s and features an Art Deco shaped handle. This particular one is in the first Twintone colours Red Indian and Magnolia - developed in the 1950s.

The outer two dishes are from Poole's Freeform range again created in the 50s. The one on the left is in Poole's pretty Summer Days pattern, which is not often seen. The one on the left has the Ice Green and Seagull Twintone glaze. 

We use Poole Pottery dishes like these in our own kitchen, they keep butter and cheese exceptionally fresh and there is no need to use polythene bags any longer! There's no doubt the old ways are the best! 
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