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How Mixing and Matching Vintage can make your Home a special place!

Lot's of people tell us they collect one particular type of vintage china, one definate era (1940s, 50s, 60s or 70s) or just one colour...but why not mix and match to create a real sense of fun and interest in your home?

A very dear friend of mine has so much variety of retroness in her lounge (mixed in with Cath Kidston prints) it immediately makes you feel at home and is a real conversation starter (and continuer!) We collect Poole Pottery in a variety of colours and then mix and match them together, the pastel colours look brilliant on display and on the table, in fact having written this I'm going to add even more colourways - a new project!

Why stick to one era when you can have an eclectic mix? Pretty Art Deco bone china can look amazing alongside Minimal 70s china designs, whilst stylish 60s melamine looks great with 50s tablemats.

How vintage home ware makes the world a better place - yay retro!

Using retro china and kitchenware in your home every day really does bring a smile, whether it is because it brings back memories of special people or of your childhood. Indeed we receive lots of emails from customers who have bought from us as our products remind them of special times. 

Why not make your home feel special too - check out the yay retro! shop now :O) 

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