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Myott Katrina Tea Set

We love this Myott Katrina tea set! It is a classic example of 1970's psychedelic floral design. There are blue flowers on the front and small purple ones on the back of the cups, whilst the saucers are a lovely pale blue. At just £20.00 we think this would be ideal for retro kitchens or vintage camper van owners! Why not buy it now? We accept paypal, Google Wallet and Amazon payments, or you can get in touch and pay by cheque.

The Myott company was established in 1898 in Stoke on Trent. In 1969 they were bought out by the American Interpace corp, and the Myott name was retained. 1976 saw the company merged with Alfred Meakin Ltd, to form Myott-Meakin Ltd. Bearing in mind this info, it seems to us that this set would pre-date 1976 since the markings refer to the Myott name only.

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yay retro sell vintage china and tea sets with cups and saucers for retro kitchens and vintage campers

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