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Vintage cooking from yay retro! A very easy recipe idea!

Here at yay retro! we just love to cook, and we love to cook vintage! We are always trying out new recipes, but our favourites are often quite war time in style as they are so easy and very, very cost effective....

Why not kit out your kitchen with some genuine vintage pieces from the yay retro! shop like this vintage Pyrex casserole, Pan stand and Melamine Salt and Pepper set and try cooking up this:

Cheese and Kale Potato Pie


Cooked and Mashed Potatoes (lots)

Plenty of Grated Cheddar Cheese (we like extra mature)

Cooked and well drained Curly Kale (yum!)

Mix the cheese and potato together and season wtih salt and pepper.

Layer the potato mixture with the curly kale in an ovenproof dish, finishing with a layer of potato and some grated cheese.

Now bake at 200c until the top is golden brown, serve with gravy carrots and peas and you will have a very rich, warm satisfying meat free meal that everyone with love! So simple, cheap - yet bloomin' yummy!!!

Vintage cooking equipment from yay retro! great for every day use :O)

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