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Ian Messiter Fortune Teacup from yay retro!

yay retro! are pleased to have a Poole Pottery Ian Messiter fortune telling teacup and saucer in our shop for sale. This rare fortune telling cup decorated with symbols would make a great gift for a Poole Pottery collector and a wonderful display piece. It comes in Poole's classic Streamline shape, and has beautiful symbols and patterns all over it.

Reading tea leaves is referred to as tasseomancy, tasseography or teomancy. Make your tea using tea leaves, and pour without the use of a tea strainer. Once you have enjoyed your cuppa, swirl the cup three times in a clockwise direction, then turn over the cup and let any liquid drain away...from here on in it is apparently possible to read your fortune....what would yours be? 

Click the image to view and buy this special cup today...

Ian Messiter Fortune Teacup from yay retro!

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