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Illustrator Lorna Siviter talks to yay retro! about her work and inspiration....

Recently we came across the work of Lorna Siviter Illustration and Design, when Lorna became a customer of yay retro!  Based in Somerset,  Lorna's wonderful illustrations for Greeting cards and Editorial Design has a really retro theme.

She tells us that her inspiration comes from all over the place. It could be architecture, fashion, product design, textile design and even music and film. For a number of years however, the design and advertising from the 1950’s and 1960’s, particularly the work of Lucienne and Robin Day, Saul Bass and the illustrators M Sasek and Charley Harper have influenced her. This also extends into art, with the work of the Kurt Schwitters, Pop Artists and the Abstract Expressionists also being an inspiration. As a contemporary artist, Lorna feels it is important to add a modern contemporary slant to her work with a nod to all these wonderful creative people.

Here are some examples of her Greetings Cards inspired by vintage tableware:

Lorna Siviter Graphic Designer working with vintage china talks to yay retro!

She has only recently discovered vintage china and she tells us that she has found the items for sale at yay retro! really inspiring... Lorna loves Poole Pottery and works by Swinnerton, Ridgway and the Fiesta range by Barker Bros. 

Having trained in Illustration at The University of The West of England back in the 1990’s, specialising in Silkscreen printing. She returned there in the noughties to study for a Masters degree in Printmaking, and continued studying Silkscreen printing. She now works with computer based applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Generally Lorna designs specifically for clients, but occasionally sells her work in galleries, such as The Ginger Fig in Taunton. She also sell cards at Hayletts Contemporary Fine Arts in Essex. You can also find out more about her work on the Lorna Siviter Illustrator and Printmaker website, her blog  and via Art House Licensing

Lorna tells us that she has a number of retro items in her home, including a lovely G Plan Oval coffee table and an original HMV Radiogram from 1964.  Her recent purchases from yay retro! include a set of mismatched plates for the wall of her kitchen and a Royal Norfolk fluted nibbles tray which already has pride of place in her retro inspired conservatory :O)  She tells us that she "loves the diversity of items yay retro! has on offer" which is great to hear!

Currently Lorna has a cruet thing going on and likes the rare Poole Pottery 'tears' Cruet Set, designed by Ruth Pavely, and the retro salt and pepper set which we believe to be from Jersey Pottery:

Cruet sets on sale at yay retro! vintage china shop

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