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Poole Pottery Twintone and Trudiana 

Poole Pottery Twintone is a range of pottery in two colours, starting way back in the 1950s with red indian and mushroom, Poole developed a wide range of different colourways. One of most often seen in sepia and mushroom (on the right) which was manufactured for 50 years. Here we have a set of Contour jugs from the 1970s, and an early Streamline teapot.

On the right are some Streamline coffee and hot water pots, and a sugar bowl, which are sepia and magnolia. These are decorated with the lovely calligraphic floral Trudiana pattern, created by Ruth Pavely. They would be a very pretty addition to your Poole Pottery collection or kitchen, and are even signed by the paintress!

Take a look around the yay retro! shop can click on the image to see the Poole Pottery we have in at the moment :O)

Poole Pottery Trudiana from yay retro! with a bit of Twintone too!

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