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Fred the Flour Grader from yay retro!

Fred the Flour Grader was devised by 2 clever advertising chaps at Homepride Flour back in 1964. My Mum saved up coupons on the back of flour packets to send away for one, and now here he is looking for a new home!

Fred has been in my Mum's house ever since the 60s... initially posing around on various shelves looking cool whenever he wasn't sifting flour, and in later years hibernating in the attic. With all his hard work he has worn his toes out a little! Click on the image to give Fred a happy retirement today :O)

Fred the Flour Grader from Homepride in the 1964 from yay retro!

Did you know you can still buy Fred collectibles from Homepride? You can also find out more about Fred's history here.

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