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Aegean and Delphis Poole Pottery at yay retro!

Recently we have spent a while researching the difference between the Delphis and Aegean ranges of Poole Pottery's decorative tableware. It seems that Delphis was brought out first in the 1960s  with the then very fashionable colours of reds, oranges, yellows and greens being central to the designs.  This colour palette fitted in with the latest looks in interior design, which tended towards the psychedelic.

According to the Poole Delphis brochure special bright shiny glazes were used...A stunning example of a Poole Delphis 8" Dish can be seen on the left of the image below. The paintresses were able to create their own one off designs for each individual piece, making them highly collectible as far afield as Japan, America and Canada as pieces of Art. This one was painted by Loretta Leigh. 

Delphis was so successful that Poole needed eventually to standardise the production process to keep up, this meant paintresses began to be paid for the amount of pieces they painted a day, and mass production concerns began to take over from artistic ones.

Poole Delphis and Aegean plates at yay retro! who love Poole Pottery!

In 1970 the Aegean range was launched, this used modern glazes and production methods and featured abstract patterns, landscapes, animals and marine life. Poole Aegean Pottery has a wider range of colours and can sometimes be darker. The collection was developed throughout 1969, and continued in production to 1980 alongside Delphis. You can see two beautiful examples of Aegean pottery on the right above, we think these are just as beautiful, and actually seem to be more artistic and complex to us. The lower plate is signed by the paintress Diana Davis.

Both Delphis and Aegean Poole Pottery pieces are individually designed, painted and signed by the paintress and so are very collectible. A visible difference to us is that the Delphis we have seen appears to be much shinier than the Aegean which has a more matte finish, and Aegean is stamped as being oven and dishwasher proof (though we wouldnt risk it ourselves!)

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