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Ruth Pavely Designed Cruet Set for sale

If you collect Poole Pottery Twintone tableware, then this beautiful cruet set may be just the thing you are looking for!

One of Poole's Contemporary Patterns launched in the 1950s; this lovely salt, pepper and mustard pot on a 'peapod' shaped tray comes in what is known as the "Tears" pattern. Designed by Rith Pavely the range is sometimes also referred to as being part of the 'table fancies' collection.  

This particular cruet set is in fabulous condition, and is signed by the paintress. The main colour is what Twintone lovers will recognise as ice green, however the official Poole description for this particular set is UFT which stands for terracotta/tropic/unique. Simply gorgeous, we think this would be the highlight of many a Poole Pottery collection!

Click on the image to buy now:

Poole Pottery Contemporary Pattern - freeform cruet set by Ruth Paveley for sale at yay retro!

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