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yay retro! meet up with Valve Radio expert Peter Carr

Today yay retro! were lucky enough to meet Peter Carr of who provides a valve radio repair and restoration service that is based in Hythe, Hampshire.  The radios Peter lovingly refurbishes and brings back to life are incredibly beautiful to look at.

The perfect items to have around the vintage home; they are also fully functional, and look almost like pieces of art! Peter tells us that, "Like good furniture they enhance any home and also create a talking point."

Valve Radios feature on yay retro! vintage website

Peter says he is extremely passionate about preserving old technology, specifically vintage valve radios - "Not only do I want to see them preserved, I also want to see them used as much as possible,  just as they would have been when they were new". 

Valve Radios carry out work on radios from the 1930s to 1970s.  Apparently an old renovated valve radio can even be used to play music from your iPod - the perfect gift for a techy, retro loving person?

We've put some of our 1930/40s china with the one below as we think they go rather well together...what do you think?

selection of valve radios refurbished by Valve Radios feature on yay retro! website

You can find out more about Peter's work with Valve Radios here  - check out the detailed break down of how he restores a valve radio from start to finish.

Or visit the UK Vintage Radio Repair & Restoration forum here.

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