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Time for a Gaydon picnic!

yay retro! are always on the look out for vintage design classics, and these two sets of Gaydon Melmex cups, saucers and plates are just the thing!

Perfect for picnics, melamine (a form of plastic) was designed in the 1950's and 60's and was at one time considered as a replacement for traditional ceramic tableware as it did not break easily. Midwinter - one of the companies at the forefront of ceramic design, actually brought out it's own range of melamine tableware  - the Modern range in 1957 just in case the melamine craze for plastic cups and saucers took off for the home kitchen.

Gaydon Melamine products are now highly sought after by retro enthusiasts, and are perfect for campers and picnikers alike. The range comes in a wide range of colours including red, orange, yellow, sky blue, lime green and even floral patterns.

Visit the yay retro! shop and search 'Melmex' or 'Picnic' to find our melamine picnic sets :O)

gaydon melamine picnic cups, saucers and plates from yay retro! online shop for vintage kitchenalia

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