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Poole Pottery Floral Toast Rack

New in! A white floral toast rack from Poole Pottery with handpainted floral details.

This lovely collectible toast rack has been signed by the painteress and really is very special. Poole's flowery designs were created by Truda Carter back in the1920 and 30s, her designs were further developed by Ruth Pavely in the 60s and 70s, with Poole's paintresses following the designs and painting them by hand.

Use your toast rack cards, letters ready to post, reminder notes...why just stick at toast? Ours is in the hall and is a really useful "reminder station"!

This is in perfect condition and signed by the painteress...why not start your Poole Pottery collection today?

Early Poole Pottery toast rack in white with handpainted flowers from yay retro!

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