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How to keep your biscuits fresh with Poole Pottery

Keeping biscuits's a boring conundrum with a variety of solutions:

  1. eat all the biscuits in one setting - not good on the calorie front!
  2. put the packet in a polythene bag - bit ugly and you have to rip open the bag, and then use a new one if there are still left overs
  3. put the biscuits in a tin - often the seal on a tin doesn't prevent the biscuits from becoming soft - tins also get rusty over time
  4. put the biscuits in a plastic container - plastic looks a bit rubbish and is not good for the environment

Never fear yay retro! have the solution....simply buy our fabulous Pink and Pale Grey Twintone Biscuit Barrel which was made by Poole Pottery in the 1960s...we have tested out one of these lovelies for many months, and our biscuits stay as fresh as can be! Not only that but these pretty barrels look the part in any vintage kitchen too!

Keep an eye on the yay retro! shop as we often get them in a variety of beautiful colours!

Pink and Seagull Poole Pottery Twintone Biscuit Barrel at yay retro!

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