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What are Mismatch Tea Sets?

Once in a while, yay retro! find cups and saucers in different places, without their partners...rather than leave them all alone, we aim to mix and match them up with one another to create a one off tea set (think for retro china!)

In this set we have 70s Meakin cups and 60s Poole saucers, both popular makes of china....don't they go together well?!

Mismatched tea sets are fun, unique, one off sets of china. Often great value and always a talking point!  This set comes in at a very affordable £15.00! Perfect for every day use in your home, or why not kit out your camper van and use it as a truly retro picnic set?

Buy now in our shop!

yay retro! sell Poole and Meakin Pottery, we also sell mismatch sets of retro and vintage china

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