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Poole Early Morning set in Ice Green and Seagull

When Poole developed the Streamline range of Twintone pottery in the 1930s it was the thing to take tea in bed. Often a servant or maid would bring breakfast up on a tray which had legs that unfolded, so that you sit up in bed and serve yourself tea and toast whilst looking out at the morning view! What bliss that must have been!

The Poole Pottery early morning or breakfast tea set was created in the 1950s probably with this romantic view in mind, and consists of a ceramic tray, 2 cups, a milk jug, sugar bowl and teapot. The tray (which is surprisingly lightweight) has indentations in it to prevent everything moving about on the journey upstairs. The set does not include saucers, as they tray acts as a saucer - you have to imagine a romantic setting with this tray in the middle of a happy couple ;o) I expect many of these were given as wedding presents.

Today of course, few of us have time to take tea in bed in such a posh way! However the Poole early morning tea set is still the most wonderful item to own in your Poole Pottery collection. We use ours at lunchtime and after dinner at night, as the teapot holds plenty of tea and we can chat over several cups.

Our is in the very pretty ice green and seagull colourway as shown below.

Poole Pottery Ice green and seagull breakfast set with ceramic tray

Have we mentioned before....WE LOVE POOLE POTTERY?!

We now have an early morning set for sale in the shop here:

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