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The Glampervan Hire Company 'bump into' yay retro!

Recently yay retro! met Aly from The Glampervan Hire Company based in Faversham, whilst surfing around online. We fell completely in love with their original 1974 Commer PB Autosleeper camper van, Bonnie Custard...She even has a fabulous name!!

Aly and Lex tell us that they came up with the idea of Glampervan in the summer of 2011. They already owned Doris a 1971, Classic VW Bay and set about restoring her, and then added to the fleet with other types of campervans so that people could enjoy what they believe to be the best way of holidaying! 

We asked Aly, which was her favourite van in the Glampervan fleet, and she told us: 'We love them all for different reasons; Doris is the original VW and most beautiful, great for weddings and special occasions; Wendy is Miss Practical, our first choice when we go camping with the boys, as she has loads of space, and is so easy to drive as she is an automatic ; and Bonnie, who is truly different - there aren't many Commer's around in great condition, especially to hire so she get loads of attention and is a great cheery yellow, perfect to lift your mood on the greyest of days!"

The Glampervan Hire Company talk to yay retro! online shop for vintage melamine

Apparently Bonnie Custard could have been one of the original Post Office GPO vans which were really popular back in the 70's.  Aly tells us that, "Nearly everyone stops and says "I used to drive one of those!" Bonnie is almost completely original in the interior,  as Aly and Lex only had to have her re-upholstered to bring her back to her former colours in tan and yellow.

Glampervan have a beautiful original orange 1970's picnic hamper with all the original tupperware, which is available to hire with any of their vans, and tell us that they love the Gaydon Melamine Turquoise Picnic set in the yay retro! shop, as it would be perfect for campervan picnicking!

Why not take a drive over to The Glampervan Hire Company and view their fleet of campervans?

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