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The Poole Pottery Twintone Colour Codes

If you have ever wondered what Twintone colour ways Poole Pottery produced here is a list of the glazes we have had, or have for sale in the yay retro! vintage china shop  (note seagull is a mottled pale grey).

C50 Pink/Seagull  1930s-50s

C54 Sepia/Mushroom 1930s - 81 

C57 Ice Green/Seagull 1930s - 81

C67 Celadon/Seagull c.1938

C84 Sky Blue/Magnolia c.1938

C96 Ice Green/Mushroom 1953-65

C95 Red indian/Magnolia 1953-58

C97 Peach Bloom/Seagull 1953-68

C101 Peach Bloom/Mushroom (1954 only rare)

C103 Lime Yellow/Seagull 1957-66

C104 Sky Blue/Dove Grey 1959-81

C107 Sweetcorn/Brazil 1965-68

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