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Poole Pottery Contour and Streamline teapots for sale in Twintone

yay retro! adore Poole Pottery, and we are always on the lookout for great quality pieces to sell in the yay retro! shop, so we were really pleased to find a Contour style 1960s Poole teapot in Wiltshire last week in the rarer Honeydew and White colourway. This was one of the last Twintone glazes Poole produced.

The Contour teapots are more curvy than their predecessors, with very wide bottoms and slim tops. They also have exceptionally cute 'pointy hat' lids. This one is in as new condition which makes it extra special!

Contour teapot Poole Pottery 1960s  from yay retro! in honeydew yellow rare

The previous design style from Poole lasted from the 1930s through to the early 1960s...and was called the Streamline range. These Twintone teapots were more traditional in shape, yet had extremely chic design styling, the way the spout joins onto the body of the pot brings to our minds the front of a 1930s sports car...hence the name Streamline perhaps?

For us, these pot designs are utter perfection, and we have several in use everyday in our home! There were two lid styles, the one on the left is the older style with a flattened rectangular knob, and the one on the right is the newer style with a round knob. both are beautiful to look at, and to use being great pourers.  In the photo we have a mushroom and ice green teapot, and a seagul and icegreen pot, both of which are Twintone glazes.

poole pottery streamline twintone teapots for sale at yay retro!

Why not take a look in the yay retro! shop, search Poole to find everything we have for sale from Poole at the moment...everything we buy is described honestly, very clean, and will be sent carefully packed ready for you to use everyday in your kitchen :O)

Poole Pottery red indian teapot for sale in perfect condition at yay retro! online vintage china shop

Above...a stunning example of a Red Indian and Magnolia teapot from the yay retro! shop...

If you are a collector of Poole Pottery, or simply love it as we do you can read more about Poole in our blog by clicking the 'We Love Poole' tab on the right :O)

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