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Tammis Keefe Tea Towel for sale in UK now

Tammis Keefe is one of the most sought after names in the vintage world of tea towel, hanky and fabric collecting. Working in the 1940s as a textile print designer, she created prints for home furnishing mid century fabrics. Later in the 1950s and 60s she started designing handkerchiefs and tea towels. Now it is very hard to track down any tea towels designed by her as they are so sought after. 

Tammis Keefe's Mid Century Fabric Designs are Super Sought After!

Happily, yay retro has a Tammis Keefe Christmas design tea towel to buy now! This comes in a deep rich green, yellow and red & features three angels decorating the Xmas tree.  The word 'Noel' is on one of the angel's dress. This comes in superb condition which has been freshly laundered. Make it yours today and enjoy this incredible design all year round - very hard to let go!

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