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Vintage 1950/60s Butlins Tea Towel for Sale

Butlins Holiday Camps were set up back in 1936, and were a fun destination for British workers up and down the country to go to with their families. Back in a time when foreign travel was not even thought about by working class people, Butlins offered excitement, shows, dancing and relaxation by the sea for many.

According to the Butlins website, Billy Butlin wanted to create a “place of colour and happiness” for everyone.  This fantastic vintage 1950/60s Butlins tea towel sums up the colour and joy of the typical 1950/60s holiday. Printed with the typical 1950s black, red, yellow and blue colour scheme, this must-have rare collectible tea towel is available to buy in the yay retro shop now! Click the picture to find out more.

1950/60s Butlins Collectable Tea Towel for sale at yay retro

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