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Notes on a Paul Mc Cartney-esque Crochet Waistcoat made by yay retro!

A few years ago I wrote a blog article about a waistcoat I had crocheted using slightly floral granny squares. This was a feminine version of Paul McCartney's infamous garment worn in the 1960/70s. Now I have made a unisex version using traditional granny squares, which makes it pretty much the same design as Paul McCartney's, and more suited to both men and women. 

Although Paul's was edged in pale grey, and made with a regular woollen yarn,  I have invested in a superior cotton based yarn so that it hangs better and is more hardwearing. I have chosen a charcoal edging, of Drops Cotton Light yarn, which is 100% cotton. This makes the colours stand out and be much more zingy. The centres of the squares are made using Scheepjes Stone and Riverwashed yarns which are 80% Cotton and 20% Acrylic and you can purchase these in a mixed colour pack of 52 x 50gram balls.  

Crochet Waistcoat facts:

  • You can pretty much follow my original pattern found here, though make the squares using a traditional granny square design instead.

  • I made 102 squares for this particular waistcoat, and a slightly different layout.
  • Each square took approx 10.5 minutes to make. So 18 hours of solid crocheting.
  • Sewing the waistcoat together and completing the edging took approx 8 hours.
  • [So a total of 26 hours non stop work.]
  • Made for approx 38-42" Chest, the waistcoat weighs 550 grams
  • I used approx 250gm of Drops Cotton Light yarn and approx 400 grams of Scheepjes River & Stonewashed Cotton/Acrylic yarn in an array of colours from a colour pack of 50gm balls (nb. the excess is natural waste from the crocheting process)

  • Note this design layout is very slightly different to my original pattern

A Crochet Waistcoat is 'the' distinctive fashion statement, and really easy to wear, just throw it over a long or short sleeved t shirt!  They are also really warm and ideal as a summer cover up on cooler days. If you would like to commission me to make you a waistcoat please get in touch. Prices will range depending on size and yarn used.... from £95 for a smaller adult with regular acrylic yarn to £160+ for cotton rich yarn like this.

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