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yay retro officially loves Gousto - 2021 Discount Code here!

Want to get excited in your kitchen and a Discount Code for Gousto?

Are you looking to brighten up your life? Fed up of cooking the same old thing? Looking to reduce food waste? Look no further than Gousto, the food delivery service! Find below the reasons why I love Gousto, along with a Gousto discount code you can use. 

Simply click this link which gives you 60% off your first box, and then 30% off every single box you decide to order in your first month!

Why Did I Sign Up to Gousto?

Being a person who always cook from scratch, and someone who feels really comfortable making up recipes, I never thought I would want to sign up for a food delivery service which delivered all the ingredients pre- measured out to complete a meal. However, when my son showed me some of the recipes he and his wife had cooked up using Gousto, I got really excited. I realised that over lockdown I had got into the habit of cooking the same things. We were missing going out for lunch and dinner, and we needed to liven things up a bit in our kitchen. Looking at the incredible recipes and meals such as Korean Prawn Jjam Pong Noodle Soup and the Mediterranean Fish Gyros with Tangy Caper Mayo [below], available via Gousto, I was inspired to give it a go.

Each Gousto Box comes with everything you need pre-measured. There is an ice pack to keep everything cool, and it can be left in a safe place if you are out. The ingredients are often really exciting and we have found we are eating things we have previously not tried or even heard of, alongside our favourite kinds of foods. Note you can start and stop Gousto at any time using the app on your phone or the Gousto website which is very easy to use. 

Gousto Meals are they worth the money? 

With the Gousto Introductory Discount ( , the first month is really affordable, making it a no-brainer to try. You get to choose 4 meals per week from a very extensive ever changing menu on the Gousto website. This includes meat, fish, vegetarian or plant based foods. The recipes range from every day favourites such as Feel Good fish and chips & Lasagne to quick and easy makes from the likes of Joe Wicks' Lean in 15 range. Or why not try some of the really exciting meals like Curried Fish Tray Bake with Turmeric Yoghurt [below] or a scrummy Meat-free Burger with Minty Mayo and Wedges? (Note we are vegetarian, so I'm not mentioning meat recipes on this post, however there are heaps to choose from on the Gousto website.)

Cost Effective and Less Waste 

We have found Gousto is really cost effective, since if a recipe needs fresh or dried herbs, special spices or say a rice wine vinegar we don't have to buy a whole pack or bottle, of which we may only use a tablespoon - we get just the right amount. We don't throw food away because if the recipe needs two ciabatta rolls, then 2 come in the delivery. Previously we have might have had to buy a pack of 4 rolls, two of which get forgotten about in the bread bin, or we eat even if we are not hungry so as not to waste them. This leads me on to....

Gousto Portion Sizes are Great!

We love our food, and we have found every single meal fills us up and is really well balanced and thought out. We have started eating a much wider range of foods each week, with a more interesting range of carbs from Tagliatelle to Tacos, Rice to Sweet Potatoes cooked in a variety of ways. We are really impressed with quality of the fish, and have upped our intake which has to be a healthy thing. See the One-Pot Haddock, Leek & Cheddar Chowder below! The meat free range from Gousto includes mince, burgers and sausages and all of these are amazing, among the very best we've tasted in fact!

With Gousto we've learned to cook more things!

As I mentioned before, I thought I was a great cook....However we have found that we have learned whole new ways of cooking! Each box comes with detailed recipe cards leading you through the steps you'll need to follow to make your meals. They can be stored in a free attractive clip folder, available on Gousto marketplace and you can obviously keep and use these recipes yourself in the future if you ever decide to stop using Gousto. Did I mention you can stop and start Gousto as easy as pie?

Give Gousto a go using this Discount Code Link 

Click this link ( to get your fantastic introductory discount offer which lasts for the whole of your first month - yay!

[Please note, Gousto have not asked yay retro as a business to promote them. As a personal Gousto customer I can offer the code to people to give it a try. Once you join Gousto, you will be able to do the same. Anyone who refers Gousto receives £15 against their next food box each time a person signs up.] 

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