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How I Made a Crocheted Wedding Bouquet

I've just completed a crocheted wedding bouquet. An exciting first for me and I have to say it was fabulous creating it for one of my most supportive customers! I had been working closely with the bride-to-be deciding upon a pattern for a wedding shawl, when it came to me that perhaps a wedding bouquet might be a lovely idea as it can be kept afterwards.

First of all I needed to work out how the flowers would be supported and mounted, and finding some youtube videos on bouquets made of brooches, decided upon using a polystyrene sphere mounted on a wooden handle. The most difficult part of this exercise was covering the handle in ribbon!  

I then created an array of flowers and leaves trialling the use of pearl headed and sparkly pins to both be a feature of the flower, and also a means by which to firmly attach them to the sphere. (Obviously, having used pins this means this style of bouquet would be for an adult only). Crochet flower and leaf patterns can be found in books and online, although  if you are like me you will find that you can very quickly design your own once you understand the principles. I used Scheepjes River and Stonewashed cotton rich yarns for their artistic top quality finish and also Drops Muskat which has a matte look and Drops Paris which has a mercerised sheen as a contrast. 

Once I had created an array, these were carefully pinned on to the sphere in the manner of a floral bouquet. Plenty of different leaves, including a long trailing fern style leaf I designed to fill spaces added to the overall effect.  I made sure to include teeny forget me nots, pansy shapes, daisies and asters, and found that different hook sizes, and thickness of yarns enabled me to make different sizes for more visual impact.  My customer has kindly written to say it's "The most magical and beautiful wedding bouquet I have ever seen", and I'm thrilled to say that her intention is to keep it forever as a reminder of her happy day.

Like me you may find this instructables page on a crochet bouquet helpful too 
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