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Painterly Crocheted Blankets & Throws - Art in Yarn!

Painterly Crochet

Having been a fine art painter for a considerable part of my career, I've recently been exploring the idea of making crocheted blankets and throws with a more painterly artistic feel. Rather than follow a pattern, I am using a simple granny square and then the yarns as if they were paints, and letting my feelings and sense of colour inform the work.

My painted artworks were always based on abstraction, with the idea of conveying a deep emotion or mood, and I must confess they were rather sombre and serious pieces!  Now, however with the wonder of crochet I find I want to convey happy, joyous feelings, so use bright colours and colour changing yarns.

 I am still drawn to the idea of a division of space, as you find in American Abstraction by painters such as Robert Ryman and Mark Rothko (two of my favourites). You can see how I've used a division of space on this throw which has an offset square of a different colour entirely to the main blanket.

Careful use of colour changing yarns can bring to mind large artworks,  and this can really enhance a room. I named this throw 'Monet's Garden' and allowed the randomness of the yarn and the simple granny floral motif to completely take over.

Using Yarn to create a Watercolour effect

On these customer ordered blankets made big enough to use on a sofa or a single bed, I used an array of stitches to give the impression of swirling washes of paint. By randomly altering the stitch heights and carefully selecting the colours that appeared side by side for the most visual impact, this gives the feel of a large abstract paintings, rather than crocheted blankets.

By dividing up the space, and a mix of two strands of yarn a textural Colour Field painting effect can be created - as seen in the Super King Size Crochet Blanket below.  I will be exploring more painterly blankets and throws throughout the year. DO get in touch if you would be interested in pre-ordering. In the meantime, here is a link to all of the blankets I have previously made.

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