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Buy Handmade Crochet Blankets at yay retro!

Over the past few months I have had many requests for my handmade crochet blankets. These are a lovely addition to your home as well as being a super gift idea to mark special events. An anniversary, birth of a baby or a birthday are all reasons to invest in an heirloom handmade crochet blanket from yay retro.  Each blanket is handmade by myself for you. 

Above is a pre-ordered Granny Square blanket with a heart centre, made for a lady expecting her first baby. 

Below is a single bed size blanket made in the style of the 'Casablanca' pattern by  Haffner Linssen, though I have adapted the pattern quite a bit. The idea here is to create a blanket which has the feel of a Moroccan rag rug. Made with super soft yarns these come out beautifully heavy and cosy.  This was ordered for a customer's granddaughter. 

I also made a super king size version of the 'Casablanca' blanket which was purchased by a lady to cover her leather sofa. Yet another version was ordered as a buggy blanket in forest colours:

Many people love to use crochet blankets to decorate their homes, and to have them to hand for sudden chills. Whether this is in your lounge or bedroom, a well placed blanket can really add colour and texture to a room. Right now I have this heavy weight, velvety soft Granny Square blanket made in Aran yarn for sale on my website. This double bed sized blanket could be used on a King or Super King size bed (it is shown photographed on mine here).

Here it is again draped on my sofa. This would be ideal in your home or even to keep warm in your camper van or caravan. This retro styling would be amazing in any situation!

Last summer I created this Super King Size Granny square blanket for my bedroom, it took around 4 months to crochet and I am absolutely delighted with it and know this is something I will have in my home for many years to come.

Granny square blankets are amazing as there are many square designs you can use and differing colours create strikingly different effects. Here is a multi colour blanket which has now sold, and below it another version in just 3 colours with a completely different look (still available to buy on my website here).


This pretty blanket has a watercolour effect due to the colour changing yarn used. I call it Monet's Garden and it is available to buy online here.

Take a look at the blankets for sale at yay retro right now, or get in touch to discuss your requirements by emailing me I look forward to hearing from you.
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