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Spring & Summer Crochet Shawls at yay retro now!

Crochet shawls are so adaptable, and the ones I've made for the yay retro! shop are light, airy and the perfect thing to wear in Spring and Summer. These fabulous wraps can be popped around your shoulders to offer some sun protection and keep you looking stylish.

Super funky and pretty, these are the perfect way to finish off a summer outfit. Wear every day or to a special occasion such as a wedding or party. They can keep out chills in place of a cardi, or act as a light cover for your shoulders and arms.

They are ideal for festivals and outdoor events, and when not in use can be popped into your bag without getting crumpled oreven  tied around your waist for another 'look'.

Set off a sundress and grab attention with a gorgeous crochet shawl from yay retro 

I have several fabulous styles ready made in my shop, or you can pre-order a shawl and choose your colours.

Each shawl is handmade by me and completely unique. If you love arty clothes and want something made just for you, you are sure to love yay retro crochet shawls. Find out more here.

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