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Stunning Flower Power Crochet Shawl for sale

Right now I have this gorgeous flower power crochet shawl for sale in the yay retro shop for you. Made with super soft, light yarn this has 42 crocheted blossoms all along the edge and is ideal for special occasions, festivals or for every day wear - all year round! Keep warm, pretty & protect yourself from the sun with this super must-have item.  

This would be perfect at a special day such as a wedding or party, or even getting down and dirty at a festival. Stand out with this unique handmade shawl!

Once winter comes around simply wind it around your neck as a super soft cosy cowl and pop inside your coat or wear over a jumper all day - I know lots of my customers never take theirs off! You can buy now or pre-order a shawl like this in the colour of your choice in the yay retro shop now.

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