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Crochet Shawls the Perfect Festival Wear at yay retro!

If you are looking for the perfect Festival outfit then a crochet shawl from yay retro! is a fantastic starting place!  I currently have 5 different designs which can be made in colours of your choice. I make these using brightly coloured yarn cakes which subtly change colour throughout the design.  They are fabulous for Festivals as they can keep you warm, protect you from the sun, be worn in lots of different ways from a shawl to a wrap, a scarf to a cowl or even draped around your waist!!

Ideal for all year round wear, these are super stylish, soft and easy to wear. With the revival of crochet by all of the top Paris fashion designers, now is the time to invest in a handmade crochet shawl from yay retro! My prices start at just £22.50 and range up to £35 depending on the shawl design. Check my crochet shawls now.

Each crochet shawl is completely unique, so you'll know you will have something different to everyone else. Eye catching and flexible to wear these are a must have item at your next Festival and a fantastic gift idea for any Festival go-er!

From bright rainbows to more subtle colour ways, yay retro! has a huge yarn store of colours to choose from! You can pre-order a shawl from me here.

Check out my new Flower Power design crochet shawl!

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