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Hettie and Betty sales and events

Our lovely friends Hettie and Betty are having a sale this evening (Nov 2nd 2012) and tomorrow (Nov 3rd) in Hedgend Southampton, why not check out their Facebook page for more information?

Hettie and Betty make fabulous vintage kitchens for children from vintage furniture, wonderful collaged pictures like the one below, and wide array of vintage styled jewellery. You can find out more on their website

Hettie and Betty Sales and events on yay retro's blog

Hettie and Betty Will be at The Discovery Centre in Winchester on November 10th from 10 - 4pm, Southampton University (Building 38) on November 25th, from 10am - 4pm, Portsmouth Guildhall on December 2nd from 11am - 3pm and Winchester Discovery Centre  on December 8th from 10am - 4pm.

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