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Peter Lanyon Steam Bent Shelving - The Perfect way to Display Vintage Collectables!

Recently I purchased a wonderful display shelf to show off my vintage ornaments and collectables. I bought this from Devon based furniture maker Peter Lanyon after seeing him at the Rotherfold Craft Market in Totnes. I fell in love with the curvaceous shape and high quality finish of the shelf, and saw it as the ideal artwork to invest in. I wanted something that would become a family heirloom and that could house my most precious finds.

What I love about it is the fine delicate woodwork and the way it draws and holds the eye. It’s beautifully light yet strong and sits perfectly in an alcove in my lounge. Speaking to Peter I found out that the shelf is made of a steam bent ash hoop, with wild English cherry shelves. I think you’ll agree it looks fantastic with my most favourite ornaments on it. 

I first came across the work of Peter Lanyon in my local town of Totnes in Devon, when he created the Rotherfold bench which is a feature in Rotherfold Square. This was created with the help of 16 volunteers and put in place in 2015. When I bought the shelf I had no idea that he was the maker of the bench, and also the award winning furniture maker of the gorgeous seating on the Sharpham Estate (pics below Rotherfold & Sharpham Bench Projects).

I’ve now gone on to find out that Peter uses sustainable, home-grown British woods in his work and that he creates a wide range of furniture for the home. Some of the designs I would love to have in my home include the stunning hand-split and shaved legged desk which has a minimal Scandi feel and the sculptural dining table which would make a superb feature in any kitchen, dining room or open plan hallway. I think these up-to-the-minute timeless designs would really withstand the rigours of everyday living, and become part of the family. 

I also really like the Double Stem Standard Lamp which has an organic feel, since each piece has been cleaved out from a log and then hand shaped into restful curves. If I had one of these I would have it displayed prominently in the room as an artwork. 

The Tall Beech stool would be great as a side table as well as a stool and is a handy piece of furniture to have when guests descend! When not in use it’s clean lines would make a very pleasing addition to a lounge diner. All of Peter’s work is hand crafted in his Devon workshop and it’s worth knowing that you can buy his work online, great news if you are out of area. Why not visit Peter Lanyon’s Furniture shop here?   

You can find out more about Peter's furniture making courses in both Devon and Portugal and his other community furniture projects on his website here.

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