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Amazing Mid Century Abstract Vinyl Bag For Sale- Ideal Film Prop

This superb mid century vinyl bag is a fantastic find and available now in the yay retro! vintage shop. Totally unique the design brings to mind the Atomic abstract patterns by Lucienne Day and David Whitehead. It is very sculptural and would perhaps be called a bucket bag as it shapes make me think of this. I have been unable to find another online, making me think this super rare item could be from an individual couturier or fashion house? If you know anything do let me know!

It would be a fantastic film or theatre prop to create the authentic 1950s look. You may wish to use this as your every day bag or perhaps use it in your home for a plant? Whichever way you use it, this is a talking point and something NOT to be missed. Shop for this 1950s bag now!

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