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Degustabox August 2018 Unboxing & Voucher Code - yay retro!

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I am really lucky that the specialist food subscription company Degustabox have invited me to trial their food boxes each month. The great thing is that the yay retro! vintage shop customers can also share in the fun by using a special code to try their first box at a reduced price of just £7.99! Quote code WBWEO at Degustabox to start your own subscription, and get a lovely box full of treats and foods like the one below to try each month, delivered to your door.

My grandchildren helped me open this month's box and were very excited about the sweets!!  Here is a list of this month's box contents. I will be reviewing them as I try each one, so come back to see what we thought (I'll pop an * by each item as I review them).

1. LioBotes Smoothie Bites in two flavours - mango & banana and mango & coconut*
2. Dorset Cereal Spectacular Grains - raspberries & apple with toasted spelt and popped buckwheat
3. John West Tuna Fillets in Chilli & Garlic*
4. Boka Cereal Bars in two flavours - chocolate & mallow and apple & cinnamon*
5. Good Hemp Dairy Free 
6. Maggi 3 minute Chicken Flavour Noodles*
7. Maggi Fusian Sticky Hoisin Duck Noodles*
8. Rowntrees 30% less sugar Randoms*
9. Illy Instant Coffee*
10. Crooked Alcoholic Soda
11. Gunna Sparkling Reduced Sugar Drinks in two flavours - Natural mint & lemon and Natural ginger & aromaitc flavours

Boka Cereal Bars in two flavours - chocolate & mallow and apple & cinnamon review:  These little bars are low in calories which make them a good choice for me right away.  The apple one is just 86 cals and the chocolate 96 cals making them a good treat idea.  They were chewy, flavoursome and high in fibre. With the main ingredient being oats these are a sure fire winner with me all round. As you can see I had mine to keep up my energy whilst crocheting!

Rowntrees 30% less sugar Randoms review:  These sweets have 30% less sugar which is always my preference. I gave them to my grandchildren to take in the car while they travelled on holiday.  They were really excited about them.

Illy Instant Coffee Review: I was really pleased to see this in this month's Degustabox, I normally buy the same brand of coffee month in and month out and have never considered the Illy brand as I see it as a luxury item.  This was a nice smooth tasting coffee and I liked the posh tin!

LioBotes Smoothie Bites in two flavours - mango & banana and mango & coconut review:  These look like dehydrated spaceman food, light, airy and a naturally coloured. When you put them in your mouth they are crunchy and then almost immediately turn soft, squishy and make your mouth water. Pretty soon it's like a thick smoothie with a bit of chew. You can really taste the fruit. They are really sweet yet have no added sugars or preservatives. I thought they were odd to begin with, but grew to like them. They are around 65 calories per 16gm bag so a healthy alternative treat idea.

Maggi 3 minute Chicken Flavour Noodles & Maggi Fusian Sticky Hoisin Duck Noodles:  I am a vegetarian so I won't be using these. I shall give them to my son who loves to make a stir fry and particularly likes Hoisin Duck.

John West Tuna Fillets with a Chilli & Garlic olive oil dressing review:  My husband loves fishy things and so will be having these in a sandwich or with a simple salad. We normally buy tuna in spring water and without the garlic, so wouldn't be our first choice, come back soon to see what he thought as maybe this will be his new passion!

Now why not go Shopping in the yay retro! vintage shop?

Claim your first Degustabox at a reduced price here: Quote code WBWEO at Degustabox 

Come back later for more reviews.
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