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Arthur Wood Pottery from the 1960/70s - The best!

I think one of the most wonderful potteries in the 1960/70s has to be Arthur Wood.  Their range of quirky animal money boxes, wall mounted string holders and bird shaped dishes are just so wonderful!

All hand painted and almost certainly sold in holiday areas and the like as souvenirs, they include some of the greatest patterns and designs.  This lady who is really a money box has been the inspiration for many a contemporary designer. 

The company made several piggy bank designs in the shape of pigs, but its the dogs and cats I love the most. They come in all sorts of patterns and I know that there are many collectors of these out there.

The cats in particular seem to emulate those by Baldelli which were being made at the time in Italy.

The bird dishes come in several designs, again making them highly sought after. They are large enough to hold a few eggs, a plant or just as a stand alone ornament.

The most unusual Arthur Wood bird I've found is this wall mounted Letter Rack, simply exquisite, right now this one is a keeper for obvious reasons!

Another rarity is this flower shaped wall mounted string holder which sold immediately in the yay retro! online vintage shop.  Check out the Arthur Wood designs available for sale at yay retro! now. These include vases, storage jars, money boxes and more.

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