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yay retro! have a great range of vintage glasses for sale at the moment and experience of sending glassware safely through the post.  You can easily find out what vintage glass I have for sale by using this link.  I have recently added some great complete sets such as these 1930/40s fine blue glasses.  A set of six these remind me of vaseline or Depression glass which of course is green. The gorgeous blue on these make them superb as display items when not in use and all are in great condition, making them a superb gift idea.

By contrast these 1970s Caithness glasses are from the Canisbay range. Their heavyweight bulbous forms bring to mind Scandinavian glasses such as those from Holmgaard. These collectable glasses would be ideal for your retro bar at home.

A wonderful recent find was a complete set of 6 vintage glasses with the Pony logo on them.  Pony was labelled 'The drink with a kick" back in the 1970s and was made especially for women when pubs and clubs were frequented mostly by men, alien as that seems today.  These fine glasses have gold rims and are super appealing. Again being a complete set make them very unusual. Babycham collectors or those interested in all things equestrian are sure to love them!  Check out all things glass in the yay retro! online vintage shop here.

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