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How to Use Vintage Trays & Chopping Boards Around Your Home

yay retro! sell genuine vintage melamine trays and chopping boards and they prove very popular with our vintage loving customers.  There are obvious uses for each of these items, but many people including myself actually extend their use around our homes.  I personally adore Taunton Vale trays from the 1960s and 70s because the designs are so uplifting and bright.  I use them as pictures in my kitchen. The lip on the back means that a couple of well placed brass tacks in the wall will hold the tray firmly in place.  As you'll see this is a very attractive, cost effective Flower Power artwork.


Praesidium vintage trays from the 60s & 70s are equally delicious. I use mine as a frame to my ever changing vintage & retro display in my dining room. I've simply leant it against the wall on top of my sideboard and it serves to show off my ornaments which include Figgjo Flint Clupea, Italian pottery and also modern day pieces from places like Tiger.

My vintage melamine chopping boards are never used for chopping as they are too precious!  The one seen below stands on my kitchen shelves and again acts as a backdrop to my vintage cookware. I've held this and the melamine pot stand with orange flowers safely in place with some blutac. I particularly like the Taunton Vale chopping board which is designed to look like a bouquet of flowers - this is my all time favourite design.

Another Taunton Vale tray stands behind my kettle, making it more of a feature.  This round tray has pale blue daisies and is quite simply adorable. You can use trays in this way to cover up unsightly plug sockets etc.

The same design is available in yellow in a rectangular format.  I use this one to cover a watermark on my wooden worktop and to house my Crown Devon Storage jars which I use as utensil holders. 

I am also very lucky to have found a large Taunton Vale flowery worktop saver. Again I never use this for chopping or preparing food as for me this is a work of art! Instead I use it to cover the tiles behind my hob, (obviously I remove it whenever I turn the hob on.)  It really shows off my vintage enamel pan which I leave on display when I am not cooking. 

If you would like to invest in a vintage melamine chopping board or tray check my stock in the yay retro! shop, I regularly get items in, however they do sell quickly, so if there is nothing available that you like right now come back to check again soon!  Vintage trays & Chopping Boards were made by brands such as Marks & Spencers, Taunton Vale, Cloverleaf & Praesidium.  Use these helpful links:  Vintage Trays at yay retro & Vintage Chopping Boards at yay retro
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