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Degustabox May 18 Voucher Code and Box Contents

Woo! It's Degustabox delivery day today, they whizz around so fast when you have a subscription! Hello there, I'm Sue and I run the yay retro! online vintage shop. I also review the monthly food boxes from Degustabox. Degustabox is a monthly subscription where you get a range of different fun foods delivered to your door to try out. It's just £12.99 to join in the fun (the foods included are always worth more than this). It's a great way to break your regular shopping habits and to try new things out, also to get treats delivered to your door!  In this blog article I shall be reviewing this month's box of goodies which have been selected with watching The World Cup in mind.

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What's in the May 2018 World Cup Themed Degustabox?  

Here's a quick overview ahead of my more detailed reviews which will be here later as and when I've given everything a try.

1. Latin American Caribbean Creamy Chicken Curry Seasoning Mix - what's the World Cup without a bowl of curry in your hand?  I'm looking forward to trying this with Quorn pieces. I've tried this brand of foods before thanks to Degustabox and it works well with non meat dishes.

2. Latin American Mini Coconut & Black Pepper Soft Tortillas, these are lovely - I've had them before. Very handy for lunchtimes or dinner times and I'll probably use them alongside the curry mix.

As you'll see we did indeed have these two items together. We had a fabulous supper. All I had to do was put the Latin American curry mix on top of a bag of Quorn pieces in a frying pan with a can of coconut milk, fry together for about 15 mins and it was done. I fried up some onions and peppers and served with the wraps a salsa.  Easy peasy and completely delicious.  (I could have used single cream instead of the coconut milk.)  The curry mix is mild and would be ok for people not into hot curries too.

3. 2 Bottles of The Good Cider of San Sebastian Craft Cider in Strawberry and Dry Apple Flavours (you can ask not to receive alcohol drinks in your box). Got to be good on a hot sunny day!  I gave these to my sn and daughter-in-law to enjoy in their garden.

4. We Made Lemonade one of two flavours, I got Strawberry & Lemon ideal for lunch breaks in the office, and here I am drinking it whilst uploading fresh vintage items to the yay retro! website to buy!  This tastes interesting and different. I got more lemonade than strawberry in flavour if I'm honest. I like the fact this has only 99 calories. It has just the right amount of sweetness which has been supplemented with Stevia sweetener.  

5. Kitkat Bites White large sharing bag. I put these in the fridge as we are having a hot spell at the moment, and we had them one evening in front of TV. They were delicious and we finished them off quickly! Each piece is about half the length of a regular Kitkat biscuit. Inside they have dark chocolate cream and a white wafer. Really lovely.

6. KitKat Senses Mix - gift box of chocolates. Woops - We ate these and forgot to take a photo! Each sweet is wrapped in foil and there are 3 flavours: Hazlenut, Slated caramel and double chocolate. They are all rich and delicious. What I really love is the internal packaging which opens up like a serving dish. This has a funky retro design on it, I am sure crafters could think of a 100 uses for this from making into gift tags to using it in collages. So lovely it's a shame to throw it away!  A great gift idea, I got  a box for my birthday and thought it was great.

7. 2 packs Brioche Pasquier PITCH rolls, one with chocolate centre, the other chocolate chip.  I had a couple of these as a sweetener after lunch today and they were really delicious.  Very light and airy with just the right amount of sweet chocolate inside, these are very yummy indeed.  I think that they would also be very nice as a dessert with custard on the top. Each one is wrapped in it's own packet so would be good for lunches and picnics. 

8. Say Aloe Reduced Sugar Drink, ideal for lunch breaks in the office, though I have to say this was far to sweet and cloying for me and I did not drink it.

9. Lucozade Energy Original Flavour Drink - Hubby had this at this at work

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