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1950s and 60s Vintage Fish Dishes and Pictures For Sale

yay retro! I know that many people love vintage fish designs and so always try to keep several in stock to choose from. How about these stunning Italian fish dishes from the 1950/60s? These are perfect for ornaments or for serving nibbles at parties. The on on the right is absolutely huge at 40cm wide and so would make an impact wherever it was used or displayed!

I also have a lovely Alain Gree framed goldfish picture from the 1960s for sale along with a beautifully illustrated 1950s photo album with fish on it. I can imagine this would be ideal for scrapbooking too and am sure crafty types could think of a zillion uses for this.

These pottery fish make lovely ornaments, the fine matte glazed fish on the left has large red polka dots and is probably 1960/70s whilst the large blue fish on the left is a fun and huge goggle eyed and would be a good talking point - he's in my clearance section at the moment and is looking for a new home to swim in!  Search fish at yay retro! now.

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