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Buy Mid Century Pottery Birds from yay retro today!

Many vintage collectors love pottery birds. These can be made in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, however it's worth noting that many designers were making birds in the Scandi style in England in the 1960s and 70s. A question I am often asked is where can you buy mid century pottery birds? They are so very hard to track down, and often sell very quickly indeed. Happily yay retro! have several Scandi styled English pottery birds for sale right now in our online vintage shop!

In this blog post I will show you some of the vintage birds to look out for and also highlight the ones that I have for sale at the moment.  Do come back and re-check the yay retro! shop by searching 'bird' from time to time as my stock will vary from week to week.

Robert Jefferson Mid Century Birds for Poole Pottery

In the 60/70s Robert Jefferson was busy designing tableware for Poole Pottery. He also designed a range of peacock and bird wall plaques and dishes which were created in small numbers. These are Scandinavian in style and as such as highly desirable. They can be cream, turquoise, green or blue and green and it would be lovely to collect all the variations!  I have a two headed bird or peacock for sale (above) in my online vintage shop right at this moment (5.4.18 - sold just after writing). The larger bird below is a keeper for now and I have applied a plate hanger to the reverse and hung it on the wall as an artwork.

Carltonware 1960/70s Birds to Buy & Collect

Another sought after pottery brand which created a range of birds is Carltonware. The company made money boxes, ash trays, egg cups and salt & pepper sets all in the shape of birds with psychedelic flower patterns which are very influential on contemporary designers.  I have never been able to find an ashtray as these are so rare and sought after!  Obviously people use them as display pieces now....However I have been fortunate to source two of the peacock money boxes for the yay retro! shop. One is available as of this moment (5.4.18) and the other has sold.

Most vintage collectors use these as ornaments and it is hard to imagine now our giving them to a child for fear of a breakage!! 

Another rarity I have managed to source is a Calrtonware egg cup cruet set!  This features 4 little birds on a flower power tray and is extra, extra special! I've never seen one before. Again this is available to buy now.

Jersey Pottery Birds

Jersey pottery created a vast array of designs in the 60s and 70s and one of the loveliest and again rarest was their version of a bird ashtray. I hardly ever manage to find these. As you can see they are hand painted and made in a variety of colours and patterns. This adds to their charm and makes them even more collectable.

Arthur Wood Pottery Birds

Arthur Wood made a lovely selection of pottery wares again in the 60s and 70s. Included in the range were some stunning pottery bird dishes and also wall hangings which were created to dispense string (of all things!) Again each is hand painted and so is individual. The bird dishes can be used as ornaments, for serving nibbles, storing eggs or for plants.  

The string holders are now mostly used as wall display pieces and are all different, a flock of these would look amazing!

Hornsea Pottery Birds by John Clappison

As well as mugs and preserve pots with bird patterns, John Clappison produced various bird shaped potteries for Hornsea. These included salt and pepper pots and ash trays - it hardly seems credible now that you would want to use these adorable creatures for ash! They are so very Scandinavian in shape and design that many people hang them on the wall. These are snapped up as soon as they go on sale for obvious reasons adn appear in blue, borwn and green glazes to match the Hornsea tablewares.

Hornsea animal shaped salt and pepper pots include owls, birds, fish and cats, and are never for sale for long as they are super sought after. As you'll appreciate these are mostly used as ornaments now and they can sometimes be found singly or in pairs.


Lotus Pottery Birds by Elizabeth Skipworth

These are an even rarer find as most often you'll spot the bulls created by the Skipworth's in their pottery in Stoke Gabriel in Devon. Happily as of today (5.4.18) I have a real beauty in the shop for sale. Curvaceous and minimal in design this is a wondrous object to have and to hold.

Why not go shopping for mid century birds at yay retro! now? Search 'bird' using this link.
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