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For the Love of a Roll Top Plastic 1960s Bread bin

One of the most sought after pieces of vintage kitchenalia is the humble vintage 1960s plastic roll top bread bin. I only find 1 or two a year as these gorgeous bread bins have not often been saved by those who updated to brash metal and grungy wood in the 70s and 80s.  A fabulous design, this was a staple of kitchens up and down the country in the 60s.  You can find them in pastel shades of blue, green and lemon as well as bright reds, blues, oranges and yellow like this one. Then of course there are the avocado green ones - a shocker of a colour from the 70s which is making a come back! I think they are a complete must-have item for any self respecting vintage styled home. If you would like to lust after the other bread bins I've found and sold in the past click the image below.

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