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Complete Unused Prestige Skyline Kitchen Utensils For Sale

yay retro! have just found this complete set of vintage Prestige Skyline kitchen utensils. They are now for sale in our online vintage shop, simply click the picture above to see if they are still available (they may well sell out fast). These wonderful kitchen utensils are rarely found in this kind of condition mainly because people do actually use and I hate to say it abuse them! 

Made with a wooden handle and lovingly painted with stripes these sturdy utensils do like to be looked after (not slung in the dishwasher),  many people don't realise and quickly ruin these stunning design classics.  Invest in this set and a very quick handwash and dry is all you need to do to keep them in tip top shape. 

I think this fab set was given as a wedding present and got popped in a cupboard only to see the light of day now!  The colours are bright , the paintwork is snazzy and the chrome is shiny...what are you waiting for....check them out right now at yay retro! They are ideal to use every day or simply to have on display.

This kitchen utensil design is imprinted in most people's memories as most households had then them back in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Made in an array of colours from pale green to vivid sky blue they altered the design only fractionally over the period in which they were manufactured. A fry up wasn't complete without a trusty Skyline fish slice and stew just wasn't stew unless it was served with a Prestige ladle. Dad's carved roasts every Sunday using the fork and many a processed pea was served with the serving spoon!  If you have fond memories of these vintage kitchen utensils why not pop into yay retro! now and search 'Skyline'? 
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