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Degustabox Box March 2018, Foodie Reviews & Voucher Code - yay retro!

yay! another parcel of lovely foodie treats to try out! Read on to see what's included in this month's Degustabox and to get a money off voucher for you to have a try...

above...The contents of the March Degustabox

I'm Sue and I run the yay retro! online vintage shop. I am really lucky to be involved with reviewing the lovely food boxes from Degustabox each month. Degustabox is an affordable monthly subscription where you get surprise foods delivered to your door to try out, for £12.99 (the foods included are always worth more than this). It's a great way to expand your ideas for your shopping list, getting you to try foods you may never have thought of.

Try Degustabox Use Code: WBWEO and get money off your first box with yay retro!

Join in the fun on the Degustabox website here, then you too will receive a marvellous surprise box of foodie treats!  Use the special yay retro! code above to get £5 off your first box - you’ll pay just £7.99 instead of £12.99!

Here are My Thoughts about What's Included in this month's Degustabox....

1. Smarties & Milky Bar Mixed Mini Eggs - Large Sharing Pack for Easter 
This is the first thing we tried and we absolutely loved them, the two of us shared them over two nights. There was plenty of eggs and the Smarties ones tasted like super sized Smarties - yum - especially the orange ones which are my favourite.  The Milky Bar eggs which just like a Milky Bar but with a crispy shell. Divine and definitely a future buy for us!

2. Cirio Pasta Sauce & Encona Caroline Reaper Chilli Sauce (limited edition) 
The Cirio pasta sauce is a premium sauce made with 100% Italian ingredients - ideal for quick after work meals.  I used this alongside the Encona Caroline Reaper Chilli Sauce and made a spicy bolognese sauce. This tasted really tomato-y, rich and delicious.  The Chilli sauce added a massive kick as it is very strong indeed (thankfully I had used it sparingly). I went on to use the chilli sauce in a vegetable chilli. I normally make my own pasta sauces using cheap chopped tomatoes. I could taste the difference when using the Cirio, and might use it when I have people over and I want to knock something up quickly. The Chilli sauce is way too hot for us to use other than for cooking, and even then I have used it ultra sparingly. If you adore extra hot things then this is for you!

3. Mr Lee's Noodles - My thoughts were that this would be a super vegetarian fast food for lunch time. On opening I was impressed with the amount of proper veg in it like mushrooms and spring onions. Sadly I didn't like the taste of it, however am sure others would.

4. Hafervoll Flapjack Ltd Lebkuchen a no added sugar natural oat bar, right up my street. This was chock full of proper ingredients like dried fruits, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, walnuts, almonds and apricots. This particular flavour was a limited edition and was developed to bring to mind a Christmassy feel. My husband really liked it. Apparently the bars are pressed into moulds and then air dried before being gently baked. They are moist and cake-like and definitely taste healthy. Shown with a 1970s Poole Pottery Delphis bowl.

5. Shreddies Max Granola - I love Shreddies and I love oats so I enjoyed this cereal. I would have liked it to taste much more of Shreddies however, their particular flavour didn't come through for me, and I couldn't see very much Shreddie in the bowl. The cereal includes oat flakes, Wheat, Rice Crisps and small pieces of Shreddies. Apparently they are a good protein source, are high in fibre and low in fat, though they do contain added sugars. It's a small funky box, at £2.59 each I think I would prefer to go for a larger box of regular Shreddies as I do love the flavour of those.  The cereal is shown with a Woods Jasmine Bowl and a Poole Pottery Biscuit Barrel from the yay retro! shop.

6. Encona Caroline reaper Chilli Sauce - something for my husband, I will use for cooking. See above as I used it with the Cirio Pasta Sauce!

7. Ribena Pineapple and Passion Fruit - large bottle - Ideal for when the grandchildren come over, this squash has no added sugar and contains less than 15 calories per 250 ml serving. This will be super for the warmer weather being a tropical flavoured drink. I've now tried this and it's really fruity, uplifting and not too sweet, would definitely recommend.

8. Cheestrings Snack Mix Voucher to redeem in store. Happily my local Morrisons had these in stock to redeem my voucher. I was also selected to receive a lovely lunch bag complete with the 3 different Cheestring Snack mix flavours to review- Fruity Cubes, Cherry Strings and Fruity Mix, plus a pen and pencil set too!   Initially I was doubtful about these as we don't have children to prepare packed lunches for. However we ended up snacking on them at night, and I also had some when I was dashing about on a work day. I was actually very impressed. Everything is presented in nice, small and healthy sized portions ideal for little children to calorie conscious adults. The cheese is very flavoursome, fresh looking and tasting, even though it is pre-cubed.

The crackers and treats vary from pack to pack. In the Cherry Strings pack there are Ritz-like crunchy crackers, the cheese cubes and then little strings of chewy sweet cherry, teeny round digestive biscuits and chocolate covered raisins (pack = 189 calories). In the Fruity Mix pack there are fish shaped crackers, cheese cubes and then apricot pieces, raisins and little balls of white chocolate (pack = 184 calories). In the Fruity Cubes pack there are Pretzels, cheese cubes and then dried cherry and apricot cubes with yogurt coated raisins (pack = 160 calories). I think they are all fun and interesting and provide a variety of tastes and textures. They're a good source of protein and the treat element - chocolate etc is small, giving a good portion lesson perhaps? Once eaten the pack can be opened and each has an array of games and puzzles to do such as crossword puzzles, snakes and ladders and racing games, quizzes and jokes. I would imagine children would find these great fun! They are £1 each which is a quite an investment, it would be good if they become available in multipacks and I can imagine buying them for picnics and train journeys, as well as for a quick on the run treat/snack.

9. Appy Kids Co Roald Dahl Fruit Drinks

My 3 grandchildren had these, with there being 3 cartons in the pack there was so 1 each - so a big yay! to that. They are low in calories and have no added sugar or preservatives. They all liked them and said they tasted really nice, they smelt lovely and fruity.

10. Canny 100% Natural Chocolate Milk -yum (extra gift for subscribers who have reviewed products on the Degustabox website the most). OMG! This is completely luscious! It's a thick, rich chocolate drink which tastes of heaven and has just the right level of sweetness. Me and my husband shared it as a dessert and it made me think it could easily be used as a topping for fruit etc in place of cream as it has a creamy consistency. Worth noting it has nearly 274 calories in the small carton, so it's definitely a treat. Interestingly it contains milk, date nectar, cornflour, cocoa and sea salt, so the sugar is from the dates. I would definitely like to have this again and wonder where best to find it. The product actually reminds me of Laccao chocolate milk which I used to have on holiday in Spain when I was a teenager and is a taste and flavour I've remembered ever since!

The only thing I would say is that the packaging is not appealing, clear or 'stand out' for me. It's really confusing with lots of Newcastle 'speak' on it which doesn't really make sense at all in relation to promoting the product. I think it should indicate the creamy, chocolatey, wonderfulness that is within!! #cannybanter

11. Tenzing Natural Energy Drink
This natural caffeine drink contains green coffee, guarana, green tea, Himalayan Rock Salt, beet sugar and lemon juice. I had it at work and I was really impressed. I don't really like fizzy drinks and never have them, however, I would definitely go for this one again, it was truly lovely! 

above...the Degustabox prior to opening! (note I am lucky enough to receive my box in return for blogging about the contents. All my reviews are honest and fair.

Pop in to the yay retro! shop for a lovely vintage browse now.
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