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Let's look at Scandi Styled Mid Century Pottery Birds

This is my most recent acquisition, a Robert Jefferson platter or dish made for Poole Pottery in the 1960/70s.  Scandi in style, it seems that many UK potteries were influenced by Scandinavian design back then and of course we are seeing a resurgence of interest in designs like this now in the vintage world and also on the high street with contemporary designers taking their inspiration from the 1970s.

Jefferson's bird dish was probably made for trinkets and has a detailed embossed pattern. I've hung mine on the wall using an adhesive plate hanger. These birds were made in a variety of colours and designs and are certainly something wonderful to collect. Vintage devotees are always keen to have a mid century original rather than a modern 'copy' and I get real pleasure from my collection of vintage pottery birds.

Here's a John Clappison designed bird ashtray made for Hornsea, I've hung this one on the wall with a brass hook, there's a deep indentation in the back making this possible. These ashtrays were made in brown and green and you'll notice the glazes are the same as the Hornsea storage jars such as Heirloom made at the same time.

This is a Carltonware money box in the shape of a bird or peacock. I have yet to find out the designer of this which is from a range of money boxes made for the company in the 1960/70s. These are highly sought after now and as you'll see by the picture below came in different designs. I have one of these money boxes for sale in my online vintage shop now. Take a look here.

Another superb Carltonware bird set available to buy now is this amazing eggcup, salt and pepper set on a flowery tray. Ultra rare, this would be ideal to use as an ornamental piece anywhere in your home to be honest! You can see where contemporary designers are getting their ideas when you look at the flower patterns on this can't you?

Search 'bird' in the yay retro! shop to see what vintage items I have for sale with this theme.

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