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Swan SR11050BLN Retro Blue Fridge Review by yay retro!

Swan SR11050BLN Fridge Review

We've just bought a large freestanding Swan fridge from  We chose it as it is pale blue and very retro! This means it looks great next to my vintage 1950s kitchen unit.

Up until now we've been managing with an ordinary under counter fridge along with a built in fridge which came with our kitchen. But I've always wanted a tall one and previously never had the floor or wall space. I am so pleased with this as it is very simple and stylish. The handle is a retro chrome and the machine has curved corners making it sit nicely in the room, it doesn't feel dominant at all. The pastel blue colour way is so uplifting, Swan make this in all pastel shades and I almost got the green, but felt it was better to contrast with my vintage unit than to try and colour match.

I also have the Swan microwave to match and a blue Delonghi kettle, so these three appliances have really brought a splash of colour to the room. It's worth noting that in this retro styled range there are heaps of kitchen appliances and cookware to choose from should you want to take a look.

Inside the fridge there are 6 decorative glass shelves which have square white polka dots on them, a chrome bottle rack and a regular sized salad drawer. This is one disappointment as I would have liked a much big salad storage area. However the look of the fridge means I'm happy to 'make do'. The door of the fridge has 6 good sized shelves for yogurts, cheese, milk and cartons. It comes with a nice large egg storer, however I like using my vintage version as you'll see in the photo.  

What I love is the space to be able to store foods in my vintage cheese dish, Pyrex and Figgjo Flint dishes with ease as there is so much shelf space. 

One downside for me is that I have to hold the fridge still when pulling on the handle, this is because the seal is so strong the fridge moves as I open it that way. If I want to open it one handed I have to use a pincer movement with my thumb within the door edge (see pic) to kind of break the seal. I'm getting use to doing this so this may become my preferred way of opening! I think for some people this might be a pain, so have a go yourself in a shop before buying. Overall I would recommend this fridge to anyone with a vintage styled kitchen.

Swan also do fridge freezers in this range as well as under counter versions and they come in a range of pastel shades including pink, green and cream. Why not go shopping at yay retro! for vintage cookware and kitchenalia now?
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