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Very Rare Carltonware Bird Cruet Set with Eggcups for sale at yay retro!

This is an ultra rare find. A 1960/70s Carltonware cruet set featuring bird salt and pepper pots and 2 bird eggcups all displayed on a purpose made stand. They are yellow in colour with yellow and green daisy and leaf detailing. These are absolutely stunning and are perfect for the devoted vintage collector! I would use these as an ornament as they are so delicious. Very hard to let go! 

I know that many people collect the Carltonware bird ashtrays, and those are hard enough to find - this is even more rare I think!  The leaf and flower designs bring to mind contemporary retro designs, don't mistake this as 'new' this is genuine 1960/70s and as such is extra, extra special!

Shop for Carltonware at yay retro! now.

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