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yay retro! Christmas Angel and Fairy Tree Toppers in Reclaim Magazine

I am absolutely delighted to see that Reclaim magazine love the vintage Christmas fairies and angels I have for sale in my online vintage shop. On page 26 on their December 2017 issue, they have a feature entitled 'We Love' with 2 of the vintage Christmas fairies I've recently sold in my shop.  Fear not, as I have other vintage fairy angels now available. Each is unique and a one off, available as and when I can source them. Dating from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s yay retro! try to always have one or two available to buy at this time of year. 

Utterly kitsch, the angels often have netting and lace covered dresses and wings, the two recent additions shown on the left even have satin dresses!  Search 'angel', 'fairy' or 'Christmas' to find them in the yay retro! shop today.

Click to search 'christmas' at yay retro!

Visit the Reclaim website to order your copy today.

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