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October 2017 Degustabox review by yay retro!

Hi I'm Sue and I run the yay retro! online vintage shop selling kitchenalia, toys and homewares from the 1940s to 1980s. Degustabox offer a monthly food subscription box which comes with lots of different foods to try. It's just £12.99* (see below for a special yay retro! voucher code to get your first Degustabox box for only £5.99!)  If you love food and surprises then Degustabox is for you! They have invited me to review this month’s foodie treats. They like to hear constructive positive and negative reviews, so have a read of my honest reviews below all paired with lovely vintage table wares. 

With it being Halloween this month, the box had an overall 'orangey' feel to it which I rather liked. On initial unpacking I thought the contents in this month’s box looked smaller than usual.  However on starting to taste test, explore and use them I have been really enjoying the experience as always.

The Feel Good Drinks Co. Water Infusions 

There was two bottles of this in the box. The first we tried was the “Orange, Mango & Water” flavour. There is no added sugar and the ingredients are all natural. I found this far too sweet and heavy tasting for my liking, perhaps as I am not massively keen on mango. By contrast the second really interesting flavour “Strawberry & Mint” was light and had just the right amount of sweetness - completely  delicious! I would definitely choose this one again. This made me realise the natural ingredients were really coming into play with the taste experience. I probably had not enjoyed the first drink as I don’t really eat mango due to it’s texture and flavour intensity.

Pechkeks Misfortune Cookies 

This cookie came in a little quirky pack, and would be a fun thing to give away at a Halloween party.  Tastes exactly like like a fortune cookie but it’s pure black. I can’t imagine myself ever buying these, but I am sure lovers of Halloween might want to seek them out. Not sure if they are made all year round for those loving an alternative fortune cookie message? The message in mine was ‘Why are you reading this with your bum? Oh sorry, my mistake!’

Michel et Augustin Cookies

The pack included two large cookies, I’ve never come across this brand before and was impressed with the variety of textures in them. Dry on the outside with a satisfyingly crispy bite into a very soft smooth creamy interior. You could taste and feel the soothing, melty chocolate and nut flavours body and soul. Highly recommended and not too sweet. I would definitely buy these again as they taste and feel different due the the variety of textures.

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs

I was looking forward to tasting these as being made from chickpeas, they are full of protein which is good as we are vegetarian. They are also high fibre - another plus. We had the In Herbs we Trust flavour.  They were really nice, though I personally found them a bit too strong and garlicky and was concerned about being a bit stinky afterwards. I am sure loads of others would love them though.

Nuttvia Breadsticks with Hazelnut Spread (97% less sugar)

I picked this item to taste first as it is a massive treat for me and I haven’t had any hazelnut spread for years! I ate it on my way to a little vintage treasure hunt in town. You would never be able to tell the difference between this and a full sugar version, it’s a truly delicious sweet treat and I really enjoyed it. The key messages on this product are that it has 97% less sugar, but it’s worth noting it’s still over 200 calories per pack.

Lee Kum Kee - Sauce for Tomato Garlic Prawns & Sauce for Honey Garlic Spare Ribs, also Sweet Soy Sauce

There was two packs of Lee Kum Kee sauces in the box and also a sample pack of Sweet Soy Sauce. They are designed to save you time in the kitchen and sell for 85p each.  This is not something I would normally buy, but Oh! did we enjoy it! We tried the  Tomato Garlic Prawns Sauce which can be used with meat and vegetables as well. Being vegetarian we used on heaps of chopped veg. We heated sesame oil and added fresh ginger, then stir fried the veg in the sauce. It was so very tasty... Why have a take-away when you can have this at home? It took us minutes to do and tasted really authentic. I used the sweet soy sauce sample on top as well - a treat as it was lusciously thick and sweet.

We had this with the Maggi Fusions Fiery Sweet Chilli Noodles from the August box which were really tasty. I can imagine having these as a quick snack too!

Lo Salt

This was a free gift sample size.  This tastes just like salt but it is 66% lower in sodium which is important if you need to cut down on salt due to health reasons. Indeed many people choose to do so to reduce blood pressure, protect their hearts and kidneys. You can use this in all kinds of cooking and also at the table.

Vimto Millions Gift Jar

My first impression was this is not something I will like….how wrong I was!! We had some when we watched a film and were both really surprised at how yummy they were. Quite a few of these teeny chewy sweets rolled into the sofa which mr yay! found annoying - lol! We loved the fruity taste and ate them in little handfuls. Interestingly, with them being teeny we ate far less of them than we would have done if they were regular sized, so there’s plenty left for our next film. Great! Update - Millions is the perfect name for these sweets, we've had them out 3 times already and there is still 1/3 of a jar left!!! Highly recommended, I will definitely buy again.

Heinz No Added Sugar Hoops

This took me back to having the children at home, and being a kid myself in the 70s which is probably when spaghetti hoops first came out?  I was looking forward to tasting these as I would normally buy an own brand, and would always look to buy low sugar or no added sugar options.  There are no artificial sweeteners in this product making it great for children. Sorry to say I was surprised to find that I didn't like this. It didn't taste rich like normal Heinz products and it left an odd after taste in my mouth. 

Pulsin Kids’ Fruity Oat Bars - Orange Choc Chip

I forgot to take a photo of this lovely cereal bar - oop! I ate it on a walk. It had a nice soft constituency was full of orangey and chocolate flavour and was nice and smooth. They are described as being for children, though I would happily eat these on a lunch break or as a treat as I love oats! Apparently they have ⅓ less sugar than regular children’s snacks and count as being 1 of a child’s 5 a day. They are high in fibre and 100% natural. Make them adult sized I say!!!

Pip's Real Hot Chocolate Co. Real Hot Chocolate Coin

On a cold Autumn evening, thoughts often turn to hot chocolate and this really is the ideal treat!  Pip's Real Hot Chocolate is a thick flowery shaped 'coin' which is hand made by Pip himself in Wales.  I had the chocolate orange flavour and it really smelt amazing as I took it out of the little paper bag it came in. To prepare you gently heat 200ml of milk with the coin in on the hob and stir until it's melted. As you can see, I served mine in a gorgeous 1970s Staffordshire Potteries Flower Power mug from the yay retro! shop. This was a very rich, luxurious chocolatey drink with a buttery taste coming through the vibrant orange flavours. Ideal as a warming drink in front of a raging fire (or toasty radiator!!) You can buy Pip's Hot Chocolate on his website and get 10% off with the code TEN2017 (valid until 31/12/17).

Cirio Valfrutta Cous Cous

I hope to use this in the week with a quick after packing parcels for yay retro! Meal. Come back soon to read my review.

Kabuto Noodles Thai Green Chicken Curry

Being a vegetarian I gave this to friend at work. He said it was very, very spicy and that it did taste like a Thai curry. He felt that the chicken didn’t really taste like chicken and that the noodles were very thin and unusual. 

*Try Degustabox with yay retro! and get money off your first box!

Why not join in the fun on the Degustabox website here, then you too will receive a marvellous surprise box of foodie treats!  Use the special yay retro! Degustabox voucher code WBWEO to get £7 off your first box - you’ll pay just £5.99 instead of £12.99!

Pop in to the yay retro! shop for a lovely vintage browse now!

Note, as a previous subscriber to Degustabox I am delighted to have been gifted this box and invited to blog my reviews of each product. Reviews given are honest and balanced.

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