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More than 10 Fun Facts about yay retro!

1. I sold my first vintage Christmas item of 2017 back in July!

2. 482,583 pages have been viewed on the yay retro! website in the past year!

3. To date I've sent nearly 3050 parcels with my courier and a similar amount by post! [that's a lot of packing for 1 person!]

4. The most unusual place I've posted to is Guam

5. The smallest item I've sold is a mouse for a brandy glass vase

6. The largest item I've sold is a cabinet

7. yay retro!'s website has had 105,074 individual people visit in the last year!

8. The most popular items looked for are in my vintage Kitchenalia section

9. The yay retro! online vintage shop is 5 years old, the first thing I sold was a cheese board

10. I often sell things I wish I could keep (very often!)

11. Most of my customers buy again and again....Many, many thanks to you all! 

12. The yay retro! online shop can be found here - pop in!

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