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Charley Harper The Golden Pleasure Book of Biology For Sale in UK

It's not often you find a copy of The Golden Pleasure Book of Biology illustrated by Charley Harper for sale in the UK, so yay retro! is truly delighted to have found a copy this week! Measuring 33 x 26cm, this book has 99 pages of stunning illustrations by one of the most renowned illustrators of our time.  Charles - Charley Harper (1922-2007) was born in the USA. A Modernist artist, he became famous for his illustrations of birds, animal and nature making him the ideal candidate for illustrating this book written by Gerald Ames and Rose Wyler.

According to wikipedia: "During his career, Charley Harper illustrated numerous books, notably The Golden Book of Biology" One of his famous illustrations is called 'Tree of Life" and this features in the book. 

This large format book is jam packed with his stunning and novel illustrations. From explanatory drawings of genetics and experiments to many detailed artworks of birds, animals, microbes and famous people such as Charles Darwin the book is a total delight and a very rare find indeed.

Many of the pictures in the book are like artworks such as this abstract styled drawing of sea birds. Charley Harper The Golden Pleasure Book of Biology - Available to buy now at yay retro!.

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