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Who Loves Staffordshire Potteries Mugs from the 1960s/70s!?

Staffordshire Potteries - The Mugs of the 1960s & 70s!

In the 1960s and 70s people across Great Britain were drinking their tea and coffee out of a wide range of bright and colourfully illustrated mugs. From all manner of flowers to abstract patterns, animal designs and quirky illustrations. Pretty much everyone had their favourite mug or mugs!

Today we are used to the whole 'mug thing', but back in the day it was a really new idea. Previously people had used cups and saucers for their tea & coffee breaks. However with more women going out to work there was less time for washing up fiddly cups and their saucers. There was also a desire to break with the traditions of their parents, so that young people and families were keen to embrace the mug as the 'go to' way to have their caffeine fix. 

Suddenly mugs of every size were everywhere and the most popular makers were the Staffordshire Potteries.  They created many flower power designs in orange, purples, pinks, yellow and blues with new ones seemingly being created week by week if the amount of designs we find if we look hard enough today, is anything to go by.

Makers included Staffordshire Potteries, Kilncraft & Royal Alma and all of these are highly prized by vintage collectors today.  Also it is worth keeping an eye open for mugs for children with animal illustrations on them as collectors love these. If you are very lucky you can even find 1960s mugs wth nursery rhyme characters and 1970s mugs with icons such as Miffy on them.  Search 'mug' at yay retro! now, combined postage available.

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